It is my pleaser to present two years report 2015-16 and 2016-17 of ENDEAVOUR to our programme participants, donors, well- wishers, representatives from Government, development practitioners, general and Executive Committee members and the staff members. I believe that without the effort of all stakeholders and staff members, it could not be possible to achieve the success of ENDEAVOUR during these two years.

We took the opportunity to provide brief information about our development activities, successes and achievements though this two years report. ENDEAVOUR has started a new project named ENDEAVOUR Integrated Development (EID)  Project during 2015-16 for overall improvement of the disadvantages people of the area through Family Development Approach (FDA). FDA is a new concept in development and it follows holistic approach for reducing poverty from society. We are confident that ENDEAVOUR will create a new era in development through this approach. It was a challenge for ENDEAVOUR to start this new approach in the field of development and to make it understandable for the programme participants. Apart from EID, ENDEAVOUR implemented other two programmes with the dimension of child education, preventive and curative health care, inclusion of disable children and youth, WASH and different awareness raising activities for target people.

I express my sincere thanks to our development partners, specially NGO Affairs Bureau, Social Welfare department, concerned ministries and departments for their continuous support and cooperation to ENDEAVOUR.

I am grateful to our partners and donors – PKSF, Bangladesh Bank, International Rural Development Services (ILD) and BASUG Netherland for their generous support and cooperation for the development activities of ENDEAVOUR.

I also thanks from my heart to our General and Executive Committee members, local elites, groups and families and staff members for their hard and dedicated work to implement the planned activities during these two years.


Khalilur Rahman Chowdhury

Chief Executive, ENDEAVOUR