Alleviation of rural poverty and improvement of socio-economic situation is one of the main moto of ENDEAVOUR. With a view to eliminating poverty, improving socio-economic condition and establishing women rights, ENDEAVOUR started its journey in the year 1991 with self-financing support from its members. The main objectives of ENDEAVOUR are to help the neglected and helpless rural poor by providing small and medium credit to develop their livelihood. Gradually they will become capable to gain leadership/entrepreneurship which make them experienced in various productions oriented activities. So that they can earn and save more for future development and can build their own future bright and prosperous in a sustainable way. Thus ENDEAVOUR is helping to create small, middle and entrepreneurs.It is worth mentioning that the idea and principles of micro credit program of Bangladesh is creating and improving the socio-economic development of the rural poor and as such internationally recognized. The funding Organization of ENDEAVOUR is PKSF, ASA and BASUG.