1. To build grass root level organization (Samittee) of the target beneficiaries.
  2. To encourage the group members for saving.
  3. To increase literacy education and develop skill for human development.
  4. To develop the need based skill,capacitiesof the target beneficiaries.
  5. To provide micro-credit/financial support in the IGA taken by the beneficiaries
  6. To promote health, sanitation,hygiene, nutrition and safe drinking water practices.
  7. To raise awareness, ensure in keeping the environment sound and Environmental sustainable local development.
  8. To promote appropriate technology to human development in Agro-based food production and marketing support.
  9. To provide advocacy, human right and livelihood support to the Indigenous Community.
  10. To increase community awareness on disability issues and raises social dignity to them.
  11. To establish gender equality and good governance in local institutional development.
  12. To strengthen the capacity of the civilsocieties, CBOs and local UP bodies inplanning.